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How Geo-Fencing Gives Your Business An Unfair Advantage For New Customer Aquisition (with examples)

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The hard truth: you’re in an arms race and you might not even know it. Who is targeting your current customers? With our new capabilities – digital marketing has never been more effective, proven, or cost effective. Stop wishing you had more customers and start using geo-fence targeting. Learn how in this article.

Marketing Agency: What is it and do I need one? 

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In late 1994, the very first banner ad appeared on the internet.  The idea that clients would be rewarded for clicking on these ads immediately came into play.  Flash forward to today and you’ll notice that ads are much different.  Instead of everyone seeing the same thing, brands are able to team up with marketing agencies and use data to …

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The Rise and Fall of Kreuz BBQ, Bryan, TX

In Marketing Data by Jason P

RIP: Feb 2015 – Sept 2018 Remember the free BBQ Sandwich offered by Kreuz BBQ May 2018? It was a clever marketing idea that brought in customers, but ultimately they closed their doors. Why did they close?  Sadly, giving away free food was not enough to generate long term customers. All local businesses should have a better understanding of the …

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Why do YETI Coolers Cost So Much?

In Marketing by Jason P

When I first saw a YETI cup, it reminded me of the “steins of science” which is a dewar flask (used to hold liquid nitrogen in a lab) and a fence handle which becomes an awesome way to keep your drink cold. But it’s NOT rugged. Enter YETI, strong and long-lasting, but why so expensive? Read on below. The most …